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Brain Fog and the Laundry Pedestal

picture of fog and deicer truck

Brain Fog Ugh, Autoimmune Brain Fog.  Usually passes fairly quickly for me, but the last week or so, I’ve had it bad and I can’t shake it.  I can’t speak intelligently (aphasia) and I forget the stupidest things. 

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Malarface, a Butterfly Rash Story

butterfly rash, malar rash

Autoimmune malar rash, a.k.a butterfly rash.  I have it. I have these bright red flags on my face that signal a flare.  My cheeks, just below my glasses, always glow a little, but when I start to get sick, they are really bright. I have the rash right now. And I’m pretty cranky, so here’s what I’m thinking about

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Exercise for Arthritis or Arthralgia to Reduce Pain

turtle chasing rabbit

My physical therapist told me something profoundly hopeful:  “People think of arthritis as being something that they can’t change.  But you can affect change on the process.  What you do can change your outcome.”  It is incredibly helpful to exercise for arthritis pain management.

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My Sjogrens Diagnosis Story

16 years after my first problems started, I received my Sjogrens diagnosis. Here is my year by year story, starting in 2000, and continuing to July 2016, when I finally receive my diagnosis.

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