Rhubarb Pie after a Sad Job Interview?

Never heard of having rhubarb pie to get the pain of shame and humiliation out of your mouth?  Here ya go.  I lifted today’s theme from A Prairie Home Companion.

Applications check in, but they don’t check out.

I’ve been looking for another job for months.  At first I had no bites at all.  It was like throwing my resume – and multiple hours of work – into a black hole.  For months I heard nothing, not even crickets.  And then it happened.  Around the time I decided not to fill out any more applications, tailor any more resumes or write sincere and heartfelt cover letters… I started to get call backs.  And my linkedIn profile was getting hits!

False hope. Weeding out the spam left me with no recruitment letters.  I removed my resume from all the job search websites except LinkedIn.

After some time, I got a few responses to actual applications I sent out.  The recruiters set up phone screens.

Oh, Phone Screens…
papers and drink on a table

My table during a recent phone screen

The phone screens invariably go well.  Apparently, I’ve mastered the art of impressing HR.  Which is great, but if I am not qualified for the job, shouldn’t they be weeding me out?

Here is how some of my post-phone-screen interviews went:

  1. The hiring manager wanted someone who knows Windows Administration, but sadly, I only know Linux and Mac.
  2. I was qualified for the job, doing well and feeling confident. Then, the hiring manager asked a series of inappropriate questions.  I withdrew my application.
  3. The hiring manager wanted a PMP.  HR knew that I was not a PMP, but they decided to interview me anyway.

Number 3 is what happened to me today.  I didn’t match what they wanted, but the interview dragged for about an hour.  I was asked a slew of questions for which I could only offer fuzzy, organic answers.  Soon I started to realize that neither of us knew why I was there…  But I still asked the requisite questions about the hiring process, the culture of the company, training opportunities, etc.  I don’t know why I did that.  Just to make sure the horse was dead, I guess.

Rhubarb pie after a sad job interview?

“Yeah, nothing gets the pain of shame and humiliation out of your mouth like a piece of Bebop-a-Reebop Rhubarb pie!” – Garrison Keillor

I wish I had a piece of rhubarb pie to make everything “all better”, but in the absence of it, I just had to sit back and think a little.  I don’t want any of those jobs, or any of the other jobs I didn’t get.  If my qualifications don’t mesh with the work, I’ll just be frustrated or bored.  If the hiring manager is creepy and asking inappropriate questions, there is no chance things will get better if I work there.  So, I’ve not failed my job search (has my job search failed me? No…).

I’ve narrowed down the choices.

Maybe I find something and Maybe I don’t.  I don’t love my job, but it sure could be a lot worse.  As an added bonus, it could be worse and pay less!  So I’m ok for now.

I just wish I hadn’t spent so much vacation time interviewing.

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