New Aquariums

I’m getting back into keeping fish.  I’ve always liked aquariums.  I used to have a bunch of aquariums, back three houses ago, but when I moved across the state, I re-homed my fish and I set up the largest fishtank in my basement.  I felt that the concrete floor was a safer place, and I had all kinds of plans to spend lots of time down there playing with my hobbies.  I didn’t end up going downstairs all that often after all, and although I had the tank for a while, I eventually sold it because I didn’t have the time for maintenance that my fish deserved, and also because in the basement, it was a lot harder to enjoy every day.  I hadn’t set up the smaller aquariums, and when I moved again, I got rid of them and delved into other hobbies.

In my present home, one day we were out at an estate sale and I found a 5 gallon slate bottom aquarium — one from the 60’s with a chrome frame.  I set it up as a planted tank and kept a beta and a couple feeder guppies.  I’ve remodeled that tank once, but I still really like it and I get compliments on it from everyone who visits.  My water parameters are easy to control and I love watching the fish.  It’s like a lighted jewel box of glass.  The color of the fish and the fun of watching them and caring for them is very rewarding.  And very relaxing.

With the stress of selling a house, and purchasing a condo for my son, and of an election that didn’t go my way, I decided to get a larger aquarium.  I had a cool old wrought iron fish tank stand.  I cleaned it up and made a nice top for it and thought I’d get a 20 gallon aquarium for it, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

After a while, I figured out why – I want a larger tank!  Once I brought that up with my fiance’, and he said he wouldn’t mind helping with the floor reinforcement, etc, I felt like I could buy the small 20 gallon.  It’s amazing how things start to make sense when I acknowledge how I really feel.  My fiance is always very supportive of my crazy ideas, and this has been no exception.

I set up the 20 gallon and will use it as a quarantine tank.  I also found and ordered a new 114 gallon fishtank at Buce Plant.  It is rimless, which means it has no plastic frame around the top and bottom.  And it has extra clear glass.  Because if I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go big!  It’s not like I’m going to have it for a short time, and its not easy to upgrade the tank once it is set up.  I might as well take my time and get the one I really want.

I’m really excited.  I’ll let you know what happens!

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