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New Aquariums

I’m getting back into keeping fish.  I’ve always liked aquariums.  I used to have a bunch of aquariums, back three houses ago, but when I moved across the state, I re-homed my fish and I set up the largest fishtank in my basement.  I felt that the concrete floor was a safer place, and I had all kinds of plans to spend lots of time down there playing with my hobbies.  I didn’t end up going downstairs all that often after all, and although I had the tank for a while, I eventually sold it because I didn’t have the

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Rhubarb Pie after a Sad Job Interview?

papers and drink on a table

Never heard of having rhubarb pie to get the pain of shame and humiliation out of your mouth?  Here ya go.  I lifted today’s theme from A Prairie Home Companion. Applications check in, but they don’t check out. I’ve been looking for another job for months.  At first I had no bites at all.  It was like throwing my resume – and multiple hours of work – into a black hole.  For months I heard nothing, not even crickets.  And then it happened.  Around the time I decided not to fill out any more applications, tailor any more resumes or write

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